Casual With Gourmet Taste Caviar Assortment


This tasting assortment includes a 1 ounce jar of Kaluga Hybrid Caviar, a 1 ounce jar of Hackleback Caviar, a 36 count  package of Blini, a container of creme fraiche and two Mother of Pearl spoons.


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Our  Casual  with  Gourmet  Taste  Caviar  Assortment

Hackleback caviar and Kaluga Hybrid caviar with blini and creme fraicheOur Casual with Gourmet Taste Assortment (Casual Gourmet) tasting caviar experience is for 2 to 4 persons. The caviar selected for this tasting experience includes 1 one ounce jar of Casual Caviar 1 (Hackleback caviar) from our Casual Caviar Series and 1 one ounce jar of The 8th Pearl(Kaluga Hybrid caviar) from our Gourmet Series. To enjoy the caviar in a traditional matter this assortment includes 1 package of Blinis (36 count) and 1 container of Creme Fraiche (7 ounce).

For added elegance we are including 2 Mother of Pearl Spoons (3 inch) with our compliments.

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Weight 60 oz


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