Caviar Handling

Proper caviar handling  is important. Prior to tasting this delicacy, you must ensure that you have appropriate utensils and serving dishes. Utensils and serving dishes made of anything but metal is appropriate to use in serving caviar.

Caviar does not react favorably when it is in contact with metals such as silver. As luxurious as it sound and looks, eating caviar from a silver spoon alters the flavor adversely.

Metal utensils must be avoided.

Mother of Pearl spoons comes first in the line for elegance in serving caviar. For both the spoons and the serving dishes, wood, glass, ceramic and plastic are acceptable alternatives.Mother of Pearl caviar spoon for caviar handling

Not having a Mother of Pearl spoon should not prevent you from enjoying Lady Elena Caviar. After you enjoy the caviar you are not going to be concerned if it comes off a plastic spoon.