Serving Caviar

When serving caviar the caviar should be serve chilled while the serving dish is resting on crushed ice to maintain a cool temperature.

An appropriate  tasting size is a half an ounce to one ounce per person. When serving caviar as the main meal, then we recommend 2 ounces.

Now when we taste our serving portion, the best experience comes from tasting in small bites. We recommend a half of a teaspoon at a time. This should give you the right amount for a proper enjoyment of the flavors and experience.


Eating garnishes with your caviar is another way to enjoy your caviar experience.

However, the garnishes do hide the true delicate, unique flavors and the texture of the caviar.

When serving high quality caviar there is no need for garnishes. Stand alone caviar will give you the maximum enjoyment of this delicacy. Food with caviar whose pearls are meant to “pop” and burst with flavor will only interfere with delicate, unique flavors and the textures of the caviar.

Traditionally the garnishes that are served with caviar are:
Chopped parsley
Minced red onion
Chopped chives
Egg yolks
Egg whites
Toast points