Caviar Varieties

Nine  Caviar  Varieties in three Series

Our three series of caviars are an  offering of high quality caviar varieties in different budget categories.

Casual Caviar Series

Casual Caviar I (Hackleback Caviar)  *  Casual Caviar II (Paddlefish)

Lady Elena Caviar Casual Caviars are high quality introductory caviars that fit in a small budget.  Also, Lady Elena Caviar Casual Caviar series make its easy to bring caviar to your lifestyle.

These are the types of caviar in which having the caviar experience can be just as important as the caviar you are enjoying.

SUPERIOr Caviar Series

Americana (White Sturgeon Caviar)  *  O My Setra Caviar  (Osetra Caviar) 

Siberian Baer Caviar (Siberian Sturgeon Caviar)

Sustainably farmed in  USA   Italy   France

Our Superior Series of caviar is our second series. In our Superior Series  all of our caviar is from the Sturgeon fish. This is true caviar. This series includes some of the rare varieties with a more complex taste. As a result of the additional complexity, these caviar varieties can be more thought provoking in their enjoyment but just as much fun as our Casual Caviar Series.

On special occasions, enjoying Lady Elena Caviar from this series makes those occasions even more memorable. Hence, Lady Elena Caviar Superior Series caviar makes a beautiful gift of appreciation to those special people in your life.

Gourmet Caviar Series

Elegance  (Golden Osetra Caviar)  Starry Skies (Sevruga Caviar)

Beluga Baer (Beluga Hybrid Caviar)  *  The 8th Pearl (Kaluga Hybrid Caviar)

It is the Grand Cuisine  of the caviar’s of Lady Elena Caviar.  As with our Superior Series the Gourmet Series caviar varieties are all from the Sturgeon fish.  The caviar varieties in this series are more rare and can be more in demand for their limited supply.  As a result of the additional complexity in the textures and flavors of these caviar varieties there is an increased interest.

These are the caviars that the finest chefs in the world are attracted towards due to their complex flavors and savoriness.

Among our three caviar series there is

CAVIAR FOR YOUR LIFESTYLECaviar Varieties for Your Lifestyle