Our Story

Caviar for Your Lifestyle

Our Story

Our story is your caviar experiences.

Caviar is one of the world’s most famous luxury foods. It is rare, delicate and precious. With the individual eggs round shape, rarity and glimmer they truly are like pearls. However, we should not be intimidated by the aura of caviar. We want true caviar to be more accessible and to be an experience to be shared and repeated. When did you have your first caviar experience? Where and whom did you have your first caviar experience with? What caviar varieties did you taste and how was that experience? Your answers are our story.

Lady Elena Caviar can bring caviar into your lifestyle and within your budget. There is no doubt that caviar is special. Caviar is not a low priced item and it is not the typical food item that makes its way onto your weekly shopping list (yet).

Lady Elena Caviar offers a range of different types of domestic and international caviar at a range of prices.

The Caviar Experience

Let Lady Elena Caviar introduce you to the Caviar Experience with our selections. You must experience the sensation of the popping caviar pearls, the different textures of the caviar and the unique flavors from each spoonful.

No matter which caviar from Lady Elena Caviar you choose, your Caviar Experience is personal. The sensation of the popping beads and its delicate texture is the best part of the Caviar Experience. To complete the caviar experience you must:
1) enjoy your favorite beverage with the caviar
2) share the caviar experience with friends and family

It is an experience that commands to be repeated over and over.

We hope that we can entice everyone to have a caviar experience with Lady Elena Caviar and to learn and build upon that experience. Lady Elena Caviar is here to help you understand and appreciate this rare luxury food and find ways of bringing caviar into each person’s lifestyle.

Caviar is special and is not going to replace the Tuesday spaghetti night dinner but there is that special caviar appetizer that you can serve when friends and family come over for dinner. Lady Elena Caviar offers many choices and price points to meet your lifestyle.

All of Lady Elena Caviar is of the highest quality. We offer three series of caviar  varieties representing different budget categories. To learn more click here

Our Story is Caviar for Your Lifestyle