Elegance – Golden Osetra Caviar




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Elegance is caviar that wows you with its refinement and its sophisticated taste. This caviar is commonly known as Osetra.

True Osetra caviar (such as O My Setra) is the favorite of world renowned chefs. The golden color of the pearls makes this a rare treat. Elegance is higher priced than O My Setra but it is well worth the experience and enjoyment. Try it naked (not you) and have the caviar straight off the spoon for the maximum enjoyment and true Elegance.

The O My Setra and Elegance are both Osetra caviar. The difference is Elegance has a golden color with brown and has hints of sea breeze in its flavor. This Osetra caviar is rarer which results in a higher price.

Elegance caviar is from the Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii sturgeon which is commonly known as the Russian sturgeon. Caviar from this sturgeon is called Osetra. The caviar has firm medium to large size pearls and the pearls have a golden color with touches of brown. The caviar has a nutty rich complex flavor with a hint of a sea breeze. This caviar has a long creamy smooth finish reminding you of its elegance.

Origin:                                    Israel
Type:                                        Farmed
Species:                                   Gueldenstaedtii
English Popular Name:     Osetra
Caviar Grade:                      Grade 1
Refrigerated Shelf Life:    4 to 6 weeks
Storing Method:                 Refrigeration only (DO NOT FREEZE)
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Weight 60 oz