Casual Caviar II – Paddlefish


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Casual Caviar II is caviar from the Paddlefish Spoonbill fish. Although it is not a sturgeon, the Paddlefish is in the same family of the sturgeons and is widely accepted as sturgeon caviar. It is like a relative that you never can remember their birthday and forget to call on holidays. It can be sold as caviar but the name of the fish, Paddlefish, is always there next to the word caviar.

It can be said that the robust flavors of the Paddlefish resembles that of the Sevruga sturgeon. With the Sevruga caviar selling for $150 for an ounce vs. the Casual Caviar II Paddlefish Caviar selling for $29 an ounce, Casual Caviar II fits nicely into everyone’s budget. Therefore we have a good value here.

With such a robust flavor, this caviar is best served with food. Sprinkle some on scrambled eggs, appetizers, fresh fruit, salads, and of course a blini with crème fraiche. It is very tasty garnish and brings a certain elegance to any food.

The Casual Caviar II caviar has small and firm grains/beads with a glossy light gray color. It has a smooth, smoky, earthy, savory flavor with an intense sea tang. As similar as this profile is to the Sevruga sturgeon caviar, the Sevruga caviar has more delicacy and complexity.

Origen:                                  USA
Type:                                       Wild caught from the Mississippi basin
Species:                                  Spathula
English Popular Name:    Mississippi Paddlefish Spoonbill
Caviar Grade:                     Grade 1
Refrigerated Shelf Life:   4 to 6 weeks
Storing Method:                Refrigeration only (DO NOT FREEZE)
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