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2016 White Wine from Bordeaux and Caviar

2016 Chateau De Fieuzal and Siberian Sturgeon Caviar

2016 White wine from Bordeaux is a great pairing with Lady Elena Caviar. In the above picture is Siberian Sturgeon Caviar sustainably farmed in Italy.

Chateau De Fieuzal from the Pessac-Leognan region in Bordeaux France has produced another great white wine in the 2016 vintage.

The 2016 Chateau De Fieuzal white wine is a blend of 60% Sauvignon Blanc and 40% Semillon. The wine offers subtle aromas of white peaches, melon and some grassiness. This flows through the palate with softness and with tension. It has a long floral finish that has a touch of minerality shining through.This is a wine made to last many years.

The tension of the melded acidity and the mineraltiy makes this a great Lady Elena Caviar pairing.

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Caviar Picks for the 4th of July

Celebrate America with our caviar picks. This caviar variety is sustainably farmed in America.

Caviar Picks  to  Celebrate  America this

4th of July

Our first pick is, Americana, our White Sturgeon caviar that is sustainably farmed in the United States of America.

Our White Sturgeon caviar is is buttery to nutty and not to salty.

Caviar Picks and Champagne Pairing

for this 4th of July Celebration

Our Americana White Sturgeon caviar makes a great pairing with this American produced Sparkling wine from Schramsberg in Calistoga California.

When in New York City, America’s Wine Shop of course. 

Lady Elena White Sturgeon Caviar and Schramsberg Sparkling Wine

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Amarone Chocolate Caviar

Amarone Chocolate Caviar not all at once. But on this Valentine’s Day when you deserve caviar and love your chocolates, Lady Elena Caviar gives you that one stop shopping.

Amarone and Chocolate after the Caviar

This Valentine’s Day give the gift of White Sturgeon Caviar accompanied with creme fraiche, blinis and an 8 oz box of chocolate truffles.

This could be your Valentine’s Day dinner. Start with a bottle of champagne. follow this with two ounces of caviar, the creme fraiche and blinis. Then the chocolate with the Amarone for dessert.

This 1996 Allegrini Amarone Classico has the right amount of maturity for enjoyable drinking today..

Amarone chocolate caviar

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Sauternes and Lady Elena Caviar

Sauternes and Lady Elena Caviar are a delicious pairing.

Sauternes is a sweet wine from Bordeaux and the Lady likes her sweets.

You should not leave the Lady alone with bottles of Sauterne and some of her caviar. This is what happens- no trace of caviar and a bunch of empty Sauterne bottles.

2015 Suduiraut Sauterne and caviar


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2015 Bordeaux Blanc Wine and Caviar

Bordeaux Blanc is the white wine of Bordeaux. We all think of Bordeaux wines being red wines. There are many great white wines that come from Bordeaux as well. White wines can come from the following areas in Bordeaux: Graves, Pessac Leognan and Sauternes et Barsac. 

Lady Elena Caviar Pairing with the White Wines of bordeaux

Some of our favorite caviar and wine pairings are with the white wines from Chateau Carbonnieux, Domaine de Chevalier, Chateau De Fieuzal,Chateau Larrivet Haut Brion and Chateau Pape Clement.

Sauterne and caviar 2015 Suduiraut Sauterne

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Sauterne and Caviar

Sauterne and Caviar 2015 Chateau de Fargues Luc Saluces SauterneSauterne and Caviar from Lady Elena Caviar is a great pairing.

The Lady lovers her sweets and the sweet wines from Bordeaux, known as Sauternes, are a wonderful caviar and wine experience.

Here are some sauterne wines to enjoy with your Sauterne and Caviar experience.

Chateau Bastor Lamontagne

Chateau Coutet

Chateau Doisy Daene

Chateau de Fargues

Chateau Guiraud

Chateau Haut Peyraguey

Chateau Suduiraut

Sauterne and caviar 2015 Suduiraut Sauterne

Sauterne and caviar 2015 Suduiraut Sauterne

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2015 Bordeaux Wines

Grands Crus de BordeauxBordeaux wines from the 2015 vintage. The Lady loves her Bordeaux wines. The white wines are a great caviar and wine pairing.

Many members of the Union Des Grandes Crus de Bordeaux came into New York to show their 2015 vintage.

All of these wines demonstrated that 2015 was a great year in Bordeaux. The wines were balanced, and highlighted each regions character. Most showed their easy drinking now. Some others showed that as much as you could enjoy the wine today the wine needs time to develop.

For the favorite wine of the day, they were all good.

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Pairing Caviar with 2012 Les Hauts de Smith

2012 Les Hautes de Smith Blanc with White Sturgeon CaviarPairing Caviar for those who enjoy Bordeaux wines and their caviar, Lady Elena Caviar has a pairing for you.

The 2012 Les Hauts de Smith Blanc is from the Pessac Leognan region in Bordeaux France.

This wine is a blend of 100% Sauvignon Blanc and is fermented in 50% new barrels. Before bottling, the wine is aged for 10 months on its lees.

The aroma has a smokey flint scent, white flowers mixed with tropical fruits and spice. It is a full bodied integrated wine.The refreshing finish leaves you with toasted creaminess while the tropical grassy notes linger.

Pairing Caviar

2012 Les Hauts De Smith Blanc


White  Sturgeon Caviar

For the Bordeaux Blanc lover this is a great opportunity to enjoy your your wine with caviar. This wine blends with the caviar to offer creamy lingering tropical flavors. The balanced acidity of this wine then cleanses your palate. A Great Lady Elena Caviar and wine pairing.



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Emidio Pepe

Emidio Pepe 1990 Montepulciano d'Abruzzo wineThis is Emidio Pepe with his grand daughter Chiara (fifth generation) holding a bottle of his1990 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. As you can see the outside of this bottle was in perfect condition and Emidio looks pretty good as well.

1990 Emidio Pepe Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

The 1990 was perfumey with ripe cherries, some tar, and balsmatic, On the palate there are smooth tannins along with some raisins.It finishes with balanced tannins and acidity leaving a perfumey finish It is showing its maturity in a elegant fashion as some high quality Barolo can show.

1997 Emidio Pepe Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

1997 was a rainy year. Therefore this is a great wine but its longevity is not typical of the other wines Emidio Pepe and his wineswith a good 25 years of great drinking. This 1997 was poured from a perfect condition magnum. The wine was showing more age than the 1990. There was more raisins and balsmatic characteristics with the dried fruits and soft forest floor. The tannins were gentle and melting away in the finish. This wine is at it peak of drinking but with more years of enjoyment.

2010 Emidio Pepe Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 

The wine is floral with violets, ripe cherries with some earthiness. On the palate there are sweet cherries with some charred barrel notes and elegant tannins.The finish is long and floral with its sweet cherries.

The wines may appear to be pricey for wines of Montpulciano d’Abruzzo but they are worth it. The quality and ageability of these wines put them in the ageing ability and class of Brunello and Barolo.


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Champagne Krug CEO Approved Glasses

Champagne Krug CEO Approved Glasses are not flutes.

Champagne Krug

CEO, Maggie Henriquez,of Champagne Krug recommends that champagne to be enjoyed not from flutes. Flutes with their tall narrow shape mutes the beauty of champagne. The flutes do enhance the flow of the streaming bubbles but holds back on opening of the fine wines potential  in your glass. We all must recognize that champagne is a wine.

Flutes lessen the champagne experience similar to eating caviar from a silver spoon. Caviar should be enjoyed directly from a mother of pearl spoon or even directly off of your hand. Plastic and wooden spoons are also good choices.

Special K Etching on Your Official Krug Glasses

Look closely and you will see that these official glasses of Krug have the letter K etched on the bottom of the base of the glass. Raise your proper glass today and

Cheers!!!Champagne Krug with Proper Glasses and Caviar


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Summer Fun with Hackleback Caviar

It is summer and it is time to have fun with Hackleback Caviar. Summer is a time to be casual, to lay back and relax.

The Lady loves her time at the beach. The Lady likes to Beach, Beach,and Beach more.

Enjoying Casual Caviar 1 (Hackleback Caviar) is an easy way to go.

Casual Caviar 1 is affordable and is enjoyable with so many white wines.

Enjoy a Chateau wine St Jean. The Chateau St Jean Sauvignon Blanc is a delicious pairing with the Hackleback caviar. Enjoy this wine and caviar pairing on or off the beach.

When you see her on the beach, don’t be shy. Say hi to the Lady, she loves to Beach, Beach,Beach.

Hackleback Caviar on the Summer Beach






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Chateau St. Jean Sauvignon Blanc Snacks Hackleback Caviar

Chateau St Jean Sauvignon Blanc snacks Hackleback Caviar. The 2016 Chateau St Jean Sauvignon Blanc is a summer sipper while enjoying a snack of Hackleback caviar.

The wine is filled with gooseberry and lime from start to its long finish.

Caviar and Wine Pairing

Ready for a Wine and Caviar Experience, then start snacking with the Chateau St Jean Sauvignon Blanc and Hackleback caviar. This pairing brings out the lime flavor of the wine and a clean finish.

Chateau St Jean Sauvignon Blanc paired and snacks with Hackleback Caviar

Chateau St Jean Sauvignon Blanc  snacks Hackleback Caviar



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Tempus Two Sauvignon Blanc and Casual Caviar for a Summer Day

2016 Tempus Two Sauvignon Blanc with Hackleback Caviar for a Casual Summer Day

Tempus Two is a winery based in the Hunter Valley of Australia. They source their grapes for their wines from premium vineyard regions including Hunter Valley, Barossa Valley, Langhorne Creek and the Adelaide Hills. The 2016 Tempus Two Sauvignon Blanc grapes were sourced from the Adelaide region in South Australia. True to their wine making practices, this 100% Sauvignon Blanc wine is a reflection of its terroir.

With this wines’ tropical fruit and gooseberries flavors and its crispness a summer day beckons.

We enjoyed this wine with our Casual Caviar – Hackleback Caviar. Our Hackleback caviar is very affordable and a good pairing with this wine.

Tempus Two Sauvignon Blanc with Hackleback Caviar from

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Davis Bynum Virginia Block Sauvignon Blanc with Caviar

To some this is a good Sauvignon Blanc summer sipper but there is more to it. Wine producer Davis Bynum  focuses on producing wines from single vineyards in the Russian River Valley of Sonoma County. The Bynum Virginia Block Sauvignon Blanc grapes comes from the Jane’s Vineyard and from the block of grapes named after his wife Virginia.

This 2016 is lively with its citrus and honeydew melon notes. To give this wine its medium body, neutral french oak barrels (132 gallon barrels ) were used during the wine making. The refreshing finish makes this a great summer casual wine.

So what better way to enjoy this wine then with Casual Caviar from Lady Elena Caviar. Our Hackleback caviar on a blini is the perfect summers snack to enjoy with this 2016 Davis Bynum Virginia Block Sauvignon Blanc.

Davis Bynum Sauvignon blanc with Hackleback Caviar