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Champagne Krug CEO Approved Glasses

Champagne Krug CEO Approved Glasses are not flutes.

Champagne Krug

CEO, Maggie Henriquez,of Champagne Krug recommends that champagne to be enjoyed not from flutes. Flutes with their tall narrow shape mutes the beauty of champagne. The flutes do enhance the flow of the streaming bubbles but holds back on opening of the fine wines potential  in your glass. We all must recognize that champagne is a wine.

Flutes lessen the champagne experience similar to eating caviar from a silver spoon. Caviar should be enjoyed directly from a mother of pearl spoon or even directly off of your hand. Plastic and wooden spoons are also good choices.

Special K Etching on Your Official Krug Glasses

Look closely and you will see that these official glasses of Krug have the letter K etched on the bottom of the base of the glass. Raise your proper glass today and

Cheers!!!Champagne Krug with Proper Glasses and Caviar


Lugana Wines at Slow Wine

Summer Fun with Hackleback Caviar

It is summer and it is time to have fun with Hackleback Caviar. Summer is a time to be casual, to lay back and relax.

The Lady loves her time at the beach. The Lady likes to Beach, Beach,and Beach more.

Enjoying Casual Caviar 1 (Hackleback Caviar) is an easy way to go.

Casual Caviar 1 is affordable and is enjoyable with so many white wines.

Enjoy a Chateau wine St Jean. The Chateau St Jean Sauvignon Blanc is a delicious pairing with the Hackleback caviar. Enjoy this wine and caviar pairing on or off the beach.

When you see her on the beach, don’t be shy. Say hi to the Lady, she loves to Beach, Beach,Beach.

Hackleback Caviar on the Summer Beach