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Osetra Caviar Gift Set with Champagne Pairings

Osetra Caviar tasting gift assortmentWe call this osetra caviar gift our O My Tasting Experience Assortment. This serves from 2 to 4 persons.

The caviar selected for this tasting experience includes 1 one ounce jar of O My Setra (Osetra caviar) from our Superior Caviar Series and 1 one ounce jar of Americana (White Sturgeon caviar) also from our Superior series. There are caviar lovers who see a similarity of the two varieties. This assortment gives you the opportunity to answer that question for yourselves Osetra, Caviar gift Set.

To enjoy the caviar in a traditional matter this assortment includes 1 package of Russian Blini (36 count),

1 container of Creme Fraiche (7 ounce) along with 2 Mother of Pearl spoons.

This is one of the many gift ides of caviar from

Champagne and Caviar

Our taste tested champagne pairing recommendations are:

Try the Osetra caviar with the Grand Cru Extra Brut NV from Champagne Lamiable. Currently this champagne is available at 

Try the White Sturgeon caviar with Grand Reserve Brut NV from Champagne Philippe Gonet. Currently this champagne is available at
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Buy American Caviar

American Caviar Trio Tasting AssortmentWe have put together an assortment of three of our american caviar “Made in America” caviar varieties.

Our Casual Caviar 1 is from the  Hackleback sturgeon which is wild caught in the Mississippi rivers. Our Americana caviar is from the White Sturgeon which is sustainably farmed in California. Our Siberian Baer caviar is from the Siberian Sturgeon and is sustainably farmed in Florida.


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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Out of the Chocolate Gift Box Thinking for Valentine’s Day

You know your Valentine deserves something special this year.  Is a gift of chocolate and roses truly saying how much your Valentine means to you this year? Valentines Day

sad emoticon about chocolate and roses again on valentines day
Again with the chocolate and roses.

Chocolate,caviar,roses valentines day Nobody should be sad on           Valentines’ Day



The gift of caviar is very special. Click hear to see our 9 different caviar varieties and gift selections to choose from.

You will LOVE our Valentine’s Day holiday prices. Make your Valentine really love you this year. Say “I Love You” with a gift of Lady Elena Caviar.

valentines day