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Caviar Sale to Welcome You back to the Hamptons

Here is a Caviar Sale to welcome you back to your summer home in the Hamptons or anywhere. 

It’s been a long winter and now it is time to return back to your Hampton summer home. As you settle in make sure that you have included some of the caviar from Lady Elena Caviar in your refrigerator. 

To start off the season, we are offering a “Hampton’s Opening Sale” on select items. Start with stocking up with some White Sturgeon caviar.

We offer our caviar in half ounce jars (14.25 grams), one ounce jars (28.5 grams) and 4.4 ounce (250 grams) tins.  

15% off original price. Sale price is effective through June 7, 2018. 

No coupon code needed. The sale price is reflected on the website.

We also offer free shipping for purchases of $300 and more with the coupon code of FREESHIP300 entered at checkout through June 30, 2018


Caviar Sale White Sturgeon Caviar opened jar with spoon across

Thinking of some champagne for that caviar?

We recommend Champagne Goutorbe Bouillot Carte d’Or. It is a great champagne pairing with our White Sturgeon Caviar.

Champagne Goutorbe Bouillot Carte de Or with White Sturgeon Caviar in the Hamptons


Lugana Wines at Slow Wine

How to Make Mothers Day Sweeter

Mothers Day 2013 Royal Tokaji Red Label Siberian Sturgeon CaviarMake This Mothers Day even sweeter. 

Enjoy a sweet wine known as Tokaj. These wines are from the  wine region in Hungary known as Tokaji.

This 2013  Royal Tokaji Red Label 5 Puttonyos is a great way to treat Mom to something almost as sweet as she is. To make it even more special, it is a wonderful pairing of a salt and a sweet when enjoyed with caviar.

We have paired it with our Siberian Sturgeon caviar that is sustainably farmed in Italy.

Mom must enjoy this any day of the year.

Lugana Wines at Slow Wine

Mothers Day a Celebration of Mom

Gosset Champagne Magnum Siberian Sturgeon CaviarMothers Day is Mom’s extra special day and should be celebrated with Champagne and Caviar. 

Break out the magnums of Gosset Champagne this Mothers Day.

Set the table this Mothers Day with Lady Elena Caviar and champagne. Our Siberian Sturgeon caviar is a delicious pairing with Gosset Champagne.

Enjoy Mom Every Day!