2016 Chateau Guiraud Osetra Caviar Sweet and Salty

Valentine’s Day Caviar Experience

Have the Valentine’s Day caviar experience this year. Enjoy some caviar for two.

We offer the complete caviar service which includes the creme fraiche and the blini.

Valentine’s Day Caviar Experience

Try our O My Tasting Caviar Tasting Assortment 

This tasting experience includes a one ounce jar of White Sturgeon caviar, a one ounce jar of Osetra caviar, a 36 pack of Russian style blini and a container of creme fraiche.


2016 Chateau Guiraud Osetra Caviar Sweet and Salty

Chocolate and Caviar for Valentine’s Day

Chocolate and caviar for Valentine’s Day. When your Valentine enjoys caviar and it is Valentine’s Day, Lady Elena Caviar can offer you the perfect gift of Chocolate and Caviar.

We have created several gift selections of our caviar which includes a half pound box of Leonidas assorted chocolate truffles. The chocolate is not sold separately.

Use coupon code FREECHOCOLATE  for a credit to you checkout basket for the price of the box of chocolate. Offer ends on February 28, 2018.

Here is one of our Chocolate and Caviar gift items.

White Sturgeon Caviar Service and Chocolate Truffles

White Sturgeon Caviar Service with Chocolate




2016 Chateau Guiraud Osetra Caviar Sweet and Salty

Pairing Caviar with 2012 Les Hauts de Smith

2012 Les Hautes de Smith Blanc with White Sturgeon CaviarPairing Caviar for those who enjoy Bordeaux wines and their caviar, Lady Elena Caviar has a pairing for you.

The 2012 Les Hauts de Smith Blanc is from the Pessac Leognan region in Bordeaux France.

This wine is a blend of 100% Sauvignon Blanc and is fermented in 50% new barrels. Before bottling, the wine is aged for 10 months on its lees.

The aroma has a smokey flint scent, white flowers mixed with tropical fruits and spice. It is a full bodied integrated wine.The refreshing finish leaves you with toasted creaminess while the tropical grassy notes linger.

Pairing Caviar

2012 Les Hauts De Smith Blanc


White  Sturgeon Caviar

For the Bordeaux Blanc lover this is a great opportunity to enjoy your your wine with caviar. This wine blends with the caviar to offer creamy lingering tropical flavors. The balanced acidity of this wine then cleanses your palate. A Great Lady Elena Caviar and wine pairing.



2016 Chateau Guiraud Osetra Caviar Sweet and Salty

Caviar Gift Sale from LadyElenaCaviar.com

Caviar Gift White-Sturgeon caviar creme blini spoonsFor the caviar dreamer in your life, giving a Caviar Gift is the perfect gift.

Our White Sturgeon Caviar Service is one great gift for your caviar lover in your life.

See our other Caviar Gifts  by clicking here

For a limited time we are having a sale of our items in our Caviar Gift category on LadyElenaCaviar.com. Enter the below coupon code for an 18% discount. Offer expires January 3, 2018

Caviar Gift Coupon Code


For added tasting experience try this Whote Sturgeon Gift with some Champagne.

 One of many tested pairings is Pol Roger White Foil Champagne


2016 Chateau Guiraud Osetra Caviar Sweet and Salty

Champagne Krug CEO Approved Glasses

Champagne Krug CEO Approved Glasses are not flutes.

Champagne Krug

CEO, Maggie Henriquez,of Champagne Krug recommends that champagne to be enjoyed not from flutes. Flutes with their tall narrow shape mutes the beauty of champagne. The flutes do enhance the flow of the streaming bubbles but holds back on opening of the fine wines potential  in your glass. We all must recognize that champagne is a wine.

Flutes lessen the champagne experience similar to eating caviar from a silver spoon. Caviar should be enjoyed directly from a mother of pearl spoon or even directly off of your hand. Plastic and wooden spoons are also good choices.

Special K Etching on Your Official Krug Glasses

Look closely and you will see that these official glasses of Krug have the letter K etched on the bottom of the base of the glass. Raise your proper glass today and

Cheers!!!Champagne Krug with Proper Glasses and Caviar


2016 Chateau Guiraud Osetra Caviar Sweet and Salty

Wine and Caviar with Chateau Margaux Pavillon Blanc and White Sturgeon Caviar

Wine and Caviar

2010 Pavillon Blanc wine paired with White Sturgeon Caviar2010 Pavillon Blanc du Chateau Margaux wine is another example of where a rare wine meets a rare caviar. This is a white wine from the First Growth Chateau Margaux in Bordeaux and is made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc. The grapes for this wine are grown on an 11 hectare vineyard of Chateau Margaux. One third of the grapes are selected for this wine and the rest are sold off.This is one of the white wines that are age worthy. This is a 2010 vintage tasting fresh in 2017.

This pale straw gold colored wine has aromas of crushed flint,gooseberry and tropical fruits. On the palate there is also some herbaceous lemon. In its crisp finish there is an elegant balance of the herbs and tropical fruit.


Lady Elena Caviar

With this pairing the elegance of the grassy tropical notes are brought to the forefront as the palate is cleansed. A good Lady Elena Caviar and wine pairing.






2016 Chateau Guiraud Osetra Caviar Sweet and Salty

Urbani Truffled Potato Chips with Caviar

An Urbani Truffled potato chip is addictive. You just can not have one bag.

Now try a truffleD potato chip


caviar (White Sturgeon) on top

Urbani Truffled Potato Chipwith White Sturgeon Caviar

This is awesome delicious. 

For your next party, this is an easy and a fun hor’s d’oeurve.



2016 Chateau Guiraud Osetra Caviar Sweet and Salty

Urbani Truflles Pasta Sauce in Action

The magic of Urbani Truffles with your pasta comes to life with this easy recipe.

Urbani Truffles Pasta DishUrbani Truffles Cream and Truffles CaviarUrbani Truffles Black Truffles and Mushrooms Lady Elena Caviar

The Chef is using a can of Urbani Truffles – Cream and Truffles and a can of Urbani Truffles – Black Truffles and Mushroom.

She mixes these sauces into the cooked pasta.

Easy and a very tasty pasta dish.

Some sprinkled White Sturgeon caviar on top would be nice also

2016 Chateau Guiraud Osetra Caviar Sweet and Salty

Valentine’s Day Gift That Women Want

Roses are pretty, chocolate is sweet and caviar is the valentines day gift that no one has too much.Valentines Day White-Sturgeon caviar creme blini spoons

For a romantic evening with your Valentine, start with your private caviar service in the comfort of your own home. No crowds and no being rushed while you enjoy each other and your Valentines Day caviar experience.

Lady Elena Caviar offers the White Sturgeon Caviar Gift Set. All you need to enjoy your caviar.

Champagne is optional but it adds to the fun. so we can recommend

Champagne Dhondt- Grellet Brut with the White Sturgeon Caviar

valentines day gift dhondt grellet champagne and caviar


2016 Chateau Guiraud Osetra Caviar Sweet and Salty

Chocolate and Caviar Gift Set From Lady Elena Caviar

chocolate and caviar with white sturgeon caviar and chocolate truflesChocolate and caviar lovers,

we have the ultimate gift for you.

From February through May 2017 we will be offering some Leonidas chocolates.

To start enjoying your ultimate gift we have created some Chocolate and Caviar gift sets for you with special sale pricing.

Chocolate and White Sturgeon Caviar Gift Set

This gift set includes a half  pound box of Leonidas chocolate truffles,1 one ounce jar of our White Sturgeon caviar with 2 Mother of Pearl spoons.

Click here for more details.

2016 Chateau Guiraud Osetra Caviar Sweet and Salty

Buy American Caviar

American Caviar Trio Tasting AssortmentWe have put together an assortment of three of our american caviar “Made in America” caviar varieties.

Our Casual Caviar 1 is from the  Hackleback sturgeon which is wild caught in the Mississippi rivers. Our Americana caviar is from the White Sturgeon which is sustainably farmed in California. Our Siberian Baer caviar is from the Siberian Sturgeon and is sustainably farmed in Florida.