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Caviar Sale for the 4th of July

Celebrating America with a caviar sale for the 4th of July. Our caviar sustainably farmed and wild caught is now on sale through July 10, 2018.

Caviar Sale

From our line up of Superior Series , we offer our Americana Caviar. This is White Sturgeon caviar sustainably farmed in America.White Sturgeon Caviar Caviar SaleFrom our line up of Casual Caviar, we offer our Casual Caviar 1 (Hackleback) and Casual Caviar 2 (Paddlefish). Both of the these are wild caught in America.

Hackleback caviar Caviar SalePaddlefish caviar Caviar Sale









Celebrate America with Casual Caviar caviar and an American Sparkling Wine from Gloria Ferrer

Sonoma Brut Sparkling Wine from Gloria Ferrer and HAckleback Caviar

Caviar Sale Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut with Hackleback Caviar

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Caviar Picks for the 4th of July

Celebrate America with our caviar picks. This caviar variety is sustainably farmed in America.

Caviar Picks  to  Celebrate  America this

4th of July

Our first pick is, Americana, our White Sturgeon caviar that is sustainably farmed in the United States of America.

Our White Sturgeon caviar is is buttery to nutty and not to salty.

Caviar Picks and Champagne Pairing

for this 4th of July Celebration

Our Americana White Sturgeon caviar makes a great pairing with this American produced Sparkling wine from Schramsberg in Calistoga California.

When in New York City, America’s Wine Shop of course. 

Lady Elena White Sturgeon Caviar and Schramsberg Sparkling Wine

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Caviar Sale to Welcome You back to the Hamptons

Here is a Caviar Sale to welcome you back to your summer home in the Hamptons or anywhere. 

It’s been a long winter and now it is time to return back to your Hampton summer home. As you settle in make sure that you have included some of the caviar from Lady Elena Caviar in your refrigerator. 

To start off the season, we are offering a “Hampton’s Opening Sale” on select items. Start with stocking up with some White Sturgeon caviar.

We offer our caviar in half ounce jars (14.25 grams), one ounce jars (28.5 grams) and 4.4 ounce (250 grams) tins.  

15% off original price. Sale price is effective through June 7, 2018. 

No coupon code needed. The sale price is reflected on the website.

We also offer free shipping for purchases of $300 and more with the coupon code of FREESHIP300 entered at checkout through June 30, 2018


Caviar Sale White Sturgeon Caviar opened jar with spoon across

Thinking of some champagne for that caviar?

We recommend Champagne Goutorbe Bouillot Carte d’Or. It is a great champagne pairing with our White Sturgeon Caviar.

Champagne Goutorbe Bouillot Carte de Or with White Sturgeon Caviar in the Hamptons


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Champagne Charles Ellner Seduction Valentine Pairing

Champagne Charles Ellner 2006 Seduction Be My Valentine?

My White Sturgeon Caviar and your 2006 Seduction makes us such a pair.

Champagne Charles Ellner 2006 Seduction paired with White Sturgeon Caviar that is sustainably farmed in the USA.

2006 Charles Ellner Seduction with White Sturgeon Caviar

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Amarone Chocolate Caviar

Amarone Chocolate Caviar not all at once. But on this Valentine’s Day when you deserve caviar and love your chocolates, Lady Elena Caviar gives you that one stop shopping.

Amarone and Chocolate after the Caviar

This Valentine’s Day give the gift of White Sturgeon Caviar accompanied with creme fraiche, blinis and an 8 oz box of chocolate truffles.

This could be your Valentine’s Day dinner. Start with a bottle of champagne. follow this with two ounces of caviar, the creme fraiche and blinis. Then the chocolate with the Amarone for dessert.

This 1996 Allegrini Amarone Classico has the right amount of maturity for enjoyable drinking today..

Amarone chocolate caviar