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Champagne and Caviar for a Casual Summer Day

Summer days are for relaxing and being casual

So dressing down to a Casual Caviar from Lady Elena Caviar is the perfect pairing with some champagne from:

Champagne AYALA
Go casual with our Casual Caviar  Hackleback on a slice of cucumber.

Ayala Champagne with Hackleback Caviar


Lugana Wines at Slow Wine

Valentine’s Day Gift That Women Want

Roses are pretty, chocolate is sweet and caviar is the valentines day gift that no one has too much.Valentines Day White-Sturgeon caviar creme blini spoons

For a romantic evening with your Valentine, start with your private caviar service in the comfort of your own home. No crowds and no being rushed while you enjoy each other and your Valentines Day caviar experience.

Lady Elena Caviar offers the White Sturgeon Caviar Gift Set. All you need to enjoy your caviar.

Champagne is optional but it adds to the fun. so we can recommend

Champagne Dhondt- Grellet Brut with the White Sturgeon Caviar

valentines day gift dhondt grellet champagne and caviar


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Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for the Foodie

A caviar gift is ideal for your foodie.

Lady Elena Caviar has A Beluga Caviar Service Gift Set for you. this serves 1 to 2 persons.

This gift set contains 1 one ounce jar of Beluga Hybrid Caviar with a 36 pack of Russian Blini, a container of Creme Fraiche and two Mother of Pearl Spoons. All you need to enjoy delicious caviar.

An exciting caviar experience.

For your Champagne and Caviar experience, we recommend

Champagne Dehours  Les Vignes de la Vallee NV

Click here for more information on this ideal gift for your Foodie.

Beluga caviar service gift for a foodie


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Osetra Caviar Gift Set with Champagne Pairings

Osetra Caviar tasting gift assortmentWe call this osetra caviar gift our O My Tasting Experience Assortment. This serves from 2 to 4 persons.

The caviar selected for this tasting experience includes 1 one ounce jar of O My Setra (Osetra caviar) from our Superior Caviar Series and 1 one ounce jar of Americana (White Sturgeon caviar) also from our Superior series. There are caviar lovers who see a similarity of the two varieties. This assortment gives you the opportunity to answer that question for yourselves Osetra, Caviar gift Set.

To enjoy the caviar in a traditional matter this assortment includes 1 package of Russian Blini (36 count),

1 container of Creme Fraiche (7 ounce) along with 2 Mother of Pearl spoons.

This is one of the many gift ides of caviar from

Champagne and Caviar

Our taste tested champagne pairing recommendations are:

Try the Osetra caviar with the Grand Cru Extra Brut NV from Champagne Lamiable. Currently this champagne is available at 

Try the White Sturgeon caviar with Grand Reserve Brut NV from Champagne Philippe Gonet. Currently this champagne is available at