2016 Chateau Guiraud Osetra Caviar Sweet and Salty

Chocolate and Caviar for Valentine’s Day

Chocolate and caviar for Valentine’s Day. When your Valentine enjoys caviar and it is Valentine’s Day, Lady Elena Caviar can offer you the perfect gift of Chocolate and Caviar.

We have created several gift selections of our caviar which includes a half pound box of Leonidas assorted chocolate truffles. The chocolate is not sold separately.

Use coupon code FREECHOCOLATE  for a credit to you checkout basket for the price of the box of chocolate. Offer ends on February 28, 2018.

Here is one of our Chocolate and Caviar gift items.

White Sturgeon Caviar Service and Chocolate Truffles

White Sturgeon Caviar Service with Chocolate




2016 Chateau Guiraud Osetra Caviar Sweet and Salty

Black Friday Caviar Gift Sale

Black Friday Caviar Gift Sale starts this Black Friday and ends on December 2,2017. Give the gift of a Beluga Caviar Service.

This gift set includes 1 ounce of our Beluga Baer. This caviar is a hybrid of true Beluga with Siberian Sturgeon. With this caviar service we are including a 36 pack of Russian blini, a container of creme fraiche and two Mother of Pearl spoons.

25% off

No coupon needed.

Place your order and schedule your shipping for your preferred date. The caviar is shipped by FedEx Priority next day (Monday thru Thursday) within the United States.

Contact us at  CS@LadyElenaCaviar.com to tell us of your preferred scheduled shipping date.

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Beluga caviar service gift



2016 Chateau Guiraud Osetra Caviar Sweet and Salty

Solar Eclipse Caviar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse is coming and so is a Caviar Eclipse.

A solar eclipse is when the moon appears to completely cover the disk of the sun.

A Caviar Eclipse is what you see when you have had way too much champagne and not enough caviar.

Solar Caviar Eclipse with Paddlefish CaviarHere is a Casual Caviar II Eclipse with Paddlefish Caviar

2016 Chateau Guiraud Osetra Caviar Sweet and Salty

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for the Foodie

A caviar gift is ideal for your foodie.

Lady Elena Caviar has A Beluga Caviar Service Gift Set for you. this serves 1 to 2 persons.

This gift set contains 1 one ounce jar of Beluga Hybrid Caviar with a 36 pack of Russian Blini, a container of Creme Fraiche and two Mother of Pearl Spoons. All you need to enjoy delicious caviar.

An exciting caviar experience.

For your Champagne and Caviar experience, we recommend

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Click here for more information on this ideal gift for your Foodie.

Beluga caviar service gift for a foodie