Celebrate your Birthday with Sir Winston Churchill Champagne and Caviar

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Sir Winston Churchill Champagne for a Birthday Celebration

Sir WinstonChurchill Champagne with Siberian Sturgeon CaviarWhen it is birthday time celebrate with Sir Winston Churchill Champagne and Caviar. 

The 2004 Sir Winston Churchill Champagne is a blend of mostly Pinot Noir with the balance considered a secret. What is known is that all the grapes are from old vines in Grand Cru vineyards and the wine is aged an average of 10 years prior to release.

2004 sir winston Champagne 

The champagne is filled with hazelnuts, brioche,dried red fruits,  cinnamon spice and molasses on the aroma. With its 10 years of ageing it comes with some built it maturity which adds to its elegance.

Champagne and Caviar 

We tasted this 2004 Sir Winston Churchill Champagne with the Siberian Baer Caviar (Siberian Sturgeon caviar) that was sustainably farmed in Italy. With this pairing the caviar brings out to the forefront lingering  red fruits and the spice. Exciting pairing for a celebration.



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