Champagne and Caviar with 2004 Champagne Henri Giraud Argonne

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Champagne Caviar 2004 Champagne Giraud Brut AY Grand Cru Argonne with Siberian Sturgeon CaviarFrom our Superior Series of caviar we are having the Champagne Caviar tasting with 2004 Champagne Henri Giraud Argonne with Siberian Sturgeon caviar. Our Siberian Baer (Siberian Sturgeon caviar) is sustainable farmed in Italy.


2004 Champagne Henri Giraud Argonne

The champagne is a blend of 75% Pinot Noir and 25% Chardonnay. These grapes are from vines of an average age of 50 years in Grand Cru vineyards in Ay. The wine is vinified in barrel and matured for twelve months in large barrels which are 30% new. Once bottled it then aged for eight to ten years before release.  Rich with soft minerally oxidative sherry like notes along with some freshness. The champagne is youthful as it still tightly wound.

Champagne  Caviar

 Siberian Baer (Siberian Sturgeon caviar)  pairing

This is a pairing where the minerality and nuttiness of each compliment each other before the cleansing of the palate.



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